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    The balconies will have the greatest impact on the aesthetic expression of the Polanki Aqua complex when viewed from the outside, from the street (each of them is the same long as the entire width of the apartment). Balcony covers, made of glass, will be decorated with the screen-printing method. The pattern on the panes can be called a special sign that uniquely identifies the investment. This sign is associated with waves or sand dunes. When one looks at the object from the outside, he gets the overwhelming impression that the balconies are arranged in a flowing line.

    The wave motif is present in the logotype and in many other elements of the object’s identification. We can also find it as a decoration on the walls in the swimming pool area and on the linings of pedestrian routes. Reference to the logo will be found on many elements of the investment. The motif of waves and dunes will welcome visitors to the gates, a look at the building will also immediately bring the sea to mind. The idea was to achieve aesthetic consistency. That is why the interior design evokes associations with sand, wood thrown ashore by the water, and with a breeze. For example, in the hall there will be a specially selected beige sandstone, in a shade reminiscent of the beach and light sand.

    The lighting in the hall is also not accidental. Fluid shaped lamps can be associated with jellyfish, but just as well with air bubbles when we dive deep. The benches, in turn, are designed in the shape of boulders or wooden spurs that we meet on the beach. All this will additionally enhance the feeling of being among the dunes and waves.

    We offer all apartments in a full finish standard, which means that they will be immediately ready to move in or to earn money when purchased for a commercial purpose. Full equipment means complete furniture, supply of all household appliances, but also small items such as kitchen utensils, plates and cutlery.

    The apartments will be available in three variants of interior design: