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    The area with hammocks will be separated by high vegetation to create an intimate corner where you can lie down quietly, take a short nap or simply lie on a hammock, read something or listen to music with headphones on.

    The outdoor pool is filled with heated water and has an irregular shape. Located in a slight depression, surrounded by buildings, it is a quiet and sunny place.

    Under the roof, in the part open all year round, a 25-meter-long sports pool will be built. This is for active people who often cover several dozen lengths of the pool before going for breakfast.

    A large plot of 2.5 hectares will allow for the separation of many places for recreation, also in the open air. One of them will be the zone of spontaneous activity. Time will show what the residents and guests of the complex will fill it with. Anything that does not disturb others will be permissible.

    Staying outdoors, and moreover playing in the water, whets your appetite. Therefore, a pavilion serving as a pool bar will be located near the outdoor swimming pool. The bar will offer a short list of dishes – simple, quick to prepare which can be treated as lunch or snack. Additionally, cakes, ice cream, drinks and coffee will be served. So, without having to dress, you will be able to eat a meal on the spot, and then return to the pool or a beach chair or blanket.

    Of course, there is also a place for children. There will be no clichés and brightly coloured devices known from typical playgrounds. The equipment will correspond to the maritime climate. Hence the choice of the dominant material which is wood. It will be a special wood, reminiscent of a board washed by the sea. The appearance of this zone will also refer to the dunes and the sea through the shaping of individual “sites” to play.


    You will not find an equivalent of the Polanki Aqua complex under construction in Kołobrzeg on the entire Polish coast. Designed mainly for families with children, it offers not only comfortable conditions for living and rest at any time of the year. All planned attractions are related to water and nature, provoking to spend time actively. The first stage of construction will be completed this fall, and the whole project will be completed within three years.



    Polanki Aqua is created using the experience gained from all previous projects and taking into account the inspiration coming from buyers and guests renting apartments. All apartments in Polanki Aqua will be fully finished and equipped.
    As part of the “water under the roof” section, the owners will have at their disposal an all-year-round aquapark with a sports pool, a recreational pool, a water playground for children, a relaxation zone and a sauna with an ice waterfall. “Water under the sky” offers an outdoor heated swimming pool, pool bar, fountain and outdoor beach.
    Throughout the year, there will also be a fitness room, a SPA zone, a restaurant with a terrace and a club room, as well as plenty of attractions for children.


    The investment of Polanka Aqua consists of six stages. The first one will be put into use this fall. In the current stages A and B, we will provide you with 150 apartments with full finishing and equipment, with various sizes and room layouts. For the needs of the owners, we have also prepared an offer of garages and parking spaces in the underground hall of the building and external parking spaces.