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  • Water under the sky

    The outdoor pool is filled with heated water and has an irregular shape. Located in a slight depression, surrounded by buildings, it is a quiet and sunny place. It will be possible to reach it directly from the sauna area or from any point in the courtyard.

    The swimming pool will be divided into two parts – a shallower one for children and a zone for adults. The first one will include water attractions for children, including a mini waterfall. The second, recreational, with benches immersed in the water, will allow everyone who wishes to indulge in relaxation and the sun.

    Many of the elements that we have planned as part of the water-based entertainment have been designed in a very original way and will surely be appreciated by visitors to the aquapark. We want to start the outdoor pool in May to extend the possibility of using the outdoor zone. Of course, the weather may be disturbing, because it is not entirely predictable, but considering the experience of recent years, we hope that the so-called great picnic will mean the inauguration of the availability of all water attractions in Polanki Aqua.